Sunday, November 03, 2013


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These scans are from parts of a comic book that its creator,   Skip Williamson gave me.  The comic book was named  SMOOT, or SNAPPY SAMMY SMOOT.  Skip, like I, in his adolescent years, a  big fan of MAD  Comic book and Harvey Kurtzman and his regular band of nuts such as Bill Elder.    He and his family moved to Marietta and we became friends.   Skip was one of the original several that started  Underground Comix.  After that he was art director of PLAYBOY for ten years.  That would be only some of his claim to fame if he claimed fame, which he doesn't. I have been putting off putting this on SUNDAY FUNNIES because I was waiting to figure out the right words to describe just how good of a person I think Skip is.  Then, while lying in the hospital I thought the waiting for the right words for things like this may outlive me.

Skip Williamson at Dragon Con

Skip and Jon Benet Ramsey's grave

Wildman Dent Myers, Bluto, and Skip

Me and Skip

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