Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Myrtle Beach's Ring A Ding

Knowing me, I probably made our exploits or adventures at Myrtle Beach boring.  You might say, "Myrtle Beach again?  BOR-RING!"

Wait!  This is one about Christmas things at Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach.  You like Christmas things don't you?

This video above was taken as we drove through a Christmas Lights and music at the Penguins  Stadium show at the local high school in Myrtle Beach.   The name of it is SHADRACK CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.   The admission was $25 per car, which goes to charity.  You pay the man $25 and he tells you what number to put your car radio and turn out your lights and follow the lighted path.  As you can see   on the video  the Christmas lights were synchronized with the music on the radio.  I think they did an excellent job.  After I spliced all the videos  it added up to 35 minutes.  I chiseled it down to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.... so imagine what you missed..... but you get the idea anyway.

Also on our trip we got reservations to the ALABAMA THEATER who also had a Christmas show going on.  The ALABAMA THEATER was originally built for the singing group ALABAMA .  I don't know why that relationship ended, but now it has entertaining performances and concerts of various artists year around.  I saw on a poster that 3 DOG NIGHT will be there in March. 
The show we saw was very colorful with many traditional Christmas songs with very talented singers and musicians plus a g-rated  comedian.
The comedian was a young man not over 35 and was pretty funny.  He asked people to stand that were from various church groups, religious organizations, or bus tours;  huge groups of people stood each time he named a group.  I was beginning to think if he had said, "Now, if you haven't stood up yet, stand now."   Anna and I would have been the only ones available to stand.....maybe.
At the ALABAMA there were plenty of announcements that photography was not allowed.  I knew that would be the case so I didn't bring my camera.    Near the end, they invited the kids up from the audience to pose for a special Christmas song and they told people to forgetter about the rule, you could take pictures.  And I left my camera in the car.  Those SHIT-HEADS!

But I did have my i-phone.

Which isn't all that good.  We were in the balcony.


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