Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Somebody Out There Is Watching Me

Hmmmm.  What gives?  I have an on-line stat counter.  I click on it almost every day out of curiosity . 

It tells me the number of visitors, which I don't  pay a whole lot of attention to, and a break-down list of where the people who read my stuff are from, the time they read it, and if they looked at something specific what they looked at.

For instance, I  know my Sunday Funnies have a following in Spain. 

Here is something I am puzzled about:  Somebody in Palo Alto, California, clicks on me daily and apparently downloads what is there for the day.  I think it is downloaded because normally when they just click on the blog stat counter will just show they asked  for my blog address ethunter1.blogspot.com.  But theirs'  shows the name of the title of my post, such as yesterday it read
ethunter1.blogspot.Happyveteransday.com  That means they sort of double focused; double clicked on it.  I see that a lot for people going to my archives, but a current posting I think can only mean they are downloading its contents daily.

I wonder why?  Frankly, it is not that good.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

FBI or IRS??
Jan Barker (that's just my signature; I'm not a suspect.

8:24 AM  

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