Saturday, November 09, 2013

It Is All About Me

UNCLE JOHN'S UNSINKABLE BATHROOM READER on page 162 has an article  that said in the  2008 SALOON Magazine asked its readers to sum of their lives in six words or less.  They published about 15 of the best responses.  Most of them were profound and/or humorous.

One stood out to me.  One person said, "Frankly, it is all about me."

That is right!   Everybody sees and hears things through their own organs which the brain filters and interprets them.   Everybody can rightfully say, "It is all about me."

Which that is exactly what this blog is about.  Mind stuff that seeped out of me that I want to share. It is stuff  either I experienced,  saw, read, or heard, and went through my selective "hear what I want to hear" and "see what I want to see"; pictures I have taken, or stole;  then it was generated out of my own mind and it is  something I want to share. 

So each time you read a post from my blog, think of the first invisible line will be, "HERE!  ENJOY!!"
(or NOT).

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