Monday, November 04, 2013

The Flow of Piss

Prelog 1

Back in the late 1940s and early 50s I went to grammar school at Waterman Street School.   The students' restrooms were  in the basement.  On one side of the building was the girls' and on the other side was the boys'.

Of course all the teachers were women.  They had to trust us boys to behave during our bathroom trips.  
My friend Archie Richardson, normally a quiet kid, could arch his back hold his penis and shoot a straight stream of piss all the way up the wall where it meets the ceiling.  The rest of us tried but we just didn't have the bladder pushing power Archie had.

Prolog 2
Like many men my age I had an enlarged prostate.  The enlarged prostate virtually blocked the urine passage, or urethra.  My urine flow was reduced to a dribble.   And my bladder was always full and uncomfortable.  It was time to see a urologist.

My urologist and his P.A. s gave me a series of test and  decided my prostate had to be shaved to reduce its  size.  When he was telling us about what they needed to go he warned me that the human body works like a computer.  The bladder figured out there was an enlarged prostate in its way so it pumped harder to move the fluid on out.  He said once the prostate has been shaved the bladder will not know it.  It will think  it still has a heavy job to do pushing the urine out, and pump hard to shove it out (I'm using layman's language, of course).  He said it may or may not do that.  And it will eventually figure out that the prostate is no longer a problem, then quit pumping so hard.

Page Two:

Friday morning the doctor's P.A. and nurses removed the catheter.  And now, I found out each time I pee it shoots out with the force blast, similar to a pressure washer.   So, where is Archie Richardson?  I think I can beat him!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The differences between girls and boys are amazing. What female would ever think to make urinating an Olympic competition! Or any other bodily function, for that matter. I have always been thankful I was born a girl, but you guys do have a lot of fun!
Jan Barker

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many of us guys tried that at the wall urinal when attending Waterman Street?!! I guess it was a kind of hand me down legacy.

3:27 PM  

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