Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Hunter Clan of Marietta, C1945

The Hunter Clan of Marietta, c 1945 before they multiplied and multiplied:  all left to right: 

Kids up front:  Probably Jerry Hunter and Jimmy Crain in front of W.C. Hunter;  Bobby Crain in front of Jack Hunter; Me (Eddie Hunter) in front of Ed Hunter; Frances Hunter in front  of Frank Hunter. 

1st row:  Tom Crowder,  W.C. Hunter,  Jack Hunter, Ed Hunter, and  Frank Paris Hunter.

2nd row:  Minnie Tyson Hunter (behind Frank Paris Hunter),  Janie Petty Hunter.

3rd row:  Sarah Frasure Hunter,  Bee Hunter Crain, ? , ?, Doug Hunter holding probably Sandra Hunter,  Octavia "Tade" Tyson, Carr, probably Elizabeth "Jo" Hunter Stewart.  ?

4th row:?, ?, Lolagene Turner Hunter,

Last row:  Stanley Hunter, Bus Hunter, Herbert Hunter, and ? .  This last person looks like Jimmy Crain but appears to be older than Jimmy would be in about 1944.

Ones that are probably in the picture but I can't pick them out:  Zelma Ogle Hunter, Fay Hunter Rogers, Anne Tyson Crowder, Evelyn Crowder, Ed Tyson, Ann Tyson Brown, Will Tyson, Dalton Tyson, Lacy Powers Tyson, and  Belle Kuykendall Tyson.  If you can help, please do.



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