Sunday, June 09, 2013

Woodstock Concert with YACHT ROCK REVUE

The Woodstock Concert - you heard of that before .  This Woodstock concert was different, there was not much of a pot smell in the air (but some); no openly drinking; no dancing in the mud; and quiet a few pairs of uniformed officers to make sure people followed the rules - This was Woodstock, Georgia.  There was a Saturday Night Fever in the air and a whole lot of shaking going on of young and old.

We enjoyed the company of Joe and Christine Jenkins.  Not only did we enjoy their company, we enjoyed their snacks!

The main band was YACHT ROCK REVUE, which they were good, they knew how to handle their instruments.  They turned the audience into dancing groupies.

But I must admit, I am a little out of touch of the feel of being part of a big crowd.  I saw a kid catch a big beachball and he tossed it to his friend close by and the kid hit it and with many feet away.  That is mean!  I thought, and I was about to run and chase down the ball, retrieve it and return it to its owner when I saw it hit again and went even further away, which about then, another big ball wihizzed by me.  Then, I saw another one high up in the air making its return back to the crowd on the ground.   Oh.

Jane Killian


Captain Joe Jenkins

Commodore Christine Jenkins

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