Saturday, June 01, 2013

Return to the Square the Next Night.

Tonight we returned to the Square for another concert.  

We ate dinner oat a sidewalk table at the Marietta Pizza.  You cannot beat their Company Salad.

This time it was the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Jazz section.  It was much more relaxing - or it was suppose to be.  A band  on top of the Strand Theater played their music and drowned out the CSO's Jazz music.  I think somebody of authority finally got them to quit playing.   Self-centered and rude!

The jazz music was good I thought.  I like it more when they play classical music, but jazz is good too.

The park was pretty well crowded.

We were lucky enough to park on the Square in front of Australian Bakery.  

When we were leaving in the near dark in front of the old First National Bank Building was a young man playing some kind of robotic music and he was making jerky robot moves.  There was a bucket beside him for pleased on-lookers to toss a little cash in.  The brief moment we walked by him he didn't have any takers.

Marietta has a mime.  It has arrived.

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