Friday, June 14, 2013

Should Workers get Bonuses for Doing their Job?

Why not?  CEOs do.

In the news lately there has  been some talk about  a local municipality  giving bonuses  to workers with good attendance.  It is a  method to decrease absenteeism and tardiness.     It is a ploy to get people to do what they are suppose to do anyway.

It reminded me of my working days at the Atlanta Post Office.  My reporting time was midnight.  I always allowed myself a leeway in case of  wreck or some other mishap.

Also in our office was a lady named Alice Allen.  Alice was always about ten to fifteen minutes late and called in sick a lot.  She was even late when she called in sick.  According to a formula it was time for her to be suspended for bad attendance.    There are steps before somebody is  suspended.  First  a verbal talking to, next a warning letter, then a ten day suspension,  then a two week suspension, then 30 days, then out the door.

The supervisor liked Alice and didn't want to go through all that with her.  He, she, and I met.  She said she just had a lot of running around to do in the day time and when she finally got to bed she would oversleep.  The boss said that since I am there anyway, about 30 minutes before my reporting time would I, as soon as I walked in call Alice and wake her up.  She did not live that far away.  Alice was a good friend so I was willing to help her, so I said "sure".

I started my off the clock duty as soon as I got in to the office I called and woke her up each night  .  I got creative and would tell her a joke or a bit of gossip.  And her attendance improved, not perfectly, but it did improve.

Then one night our boss called a meeting.  He got us all in the same room and he  presented Alice Allen with incentive award of $250 for the best improved attendance.

Later that night I asked our boss how come I didn't get an award, my attendance was perfect.  He laughed and said the award was for "improved attendance" and I had not improved my attendance, how could I?  It was perfect already.


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