Saturday, June 08, 2013

Tennis Balls

On the soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES Wednesday Stephano having learned that a police detective  had an affair with his ex-wife.   I suppose they were already legally divorced when the ex-wife and detective had their romance but Stephano still did not like it.

Stephano is the villian of the soap.  Other evil people come and go and some good characters turn evil and some evil characters come good.  It keeps the ball rolling and the  interest up.  They would lose rating like a rock falling if the just sat round talking about how nice everybody is all the time.  

Not only  is Stephano evil but he runs a big evil empire.  He even has an evil laugh, like Oil-Can Harry.  The only thing he doesn't have a  mustache for him to feel as he bellows out his evil laugh.

So, back to Wednesday's episode:  Stepano is highly perturbed when he learns his ex-wife was having an affair with a cop.  By the way, Rafe,  the detective cop in a coma at the moment in the hospital.  You have a lot of comas on soaps too. 

Stepano told the crooked cop to, "cut them off!" (meaning to castrate).  The crooked cop said that  Rafe was his friend and he couldn't do that to a friend.  But with one of Stephano's evil looks at the crooked cop he changed his mind.

Wednesday's episode ended with the crooked cop standing outside Raife's hospital room holding a pair of meat cutter shears.

Of course all the true DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans would want to have their TVs on to catch the action on Thursday's episode. 

Thursday's and Friday's episodes were preempted for a tennis tournament.   They will not know what will happen until Monday.

I bet until then, every time they see a tennis game they will think of another kind ball, two of them.

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