Saturday, June 15, 2013

My grandfather Frank Paris Hunter (1879-1959)

My grandfather Frank Paris Hunter 1879 - 1950).  Frank was born in Granbury, Hood County, Texas, and died in Marietta, Georgia, at the old hospital.

He was just a babe in arms when his family moved back  east in 1879).  I believe his name was named after their trip, between Paris and Franklin, NC.  They settled near Woodstock, Georgia.  Back in 1864 his father William A. Hunter was shot in the knee at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, and recuperated in a private home in Woodstock.  He made friends,  he knew he   and his family would be welcome.

Frank spent most his formative years near Woodstock in the Hwy 92 and Bells Ferry area.  He married a neighbor Minnie Tyson.  They had nine children, eight boys and one daughter.

Frank's occupation was machinist.   He worked for Kraft Foods, The Atlanta Newspapers, and Glover Machinery, within walking distance of their house.

Minnie died  in 1948.  Frank was alone.  We moved in with him.  I was about 7 years old.

Frank taught me how to ride a bike and other joys of growing up paling with your grandpaw.

We had a fireplace in the living room.  It was the only heat we had.  It was in located in the center of the house, it kept all the rooms warm.  Frank got up before everyone else and started the fire in the fireplace.  The fuel was coal.

I was usually the second one up.  One morning I got up and the fire was going and I backed up to the fireplace - a spark popped out of the fireplace and landed on my pajama bottom and instantly my pj bottom ignited into flames.  Frank grabbed me and flung me on the floor and rolled me.  I never seen him act to strangely and rough.  He scared me, but I don't think I realized I was on fire. 

When the action was over my legs and lower torso was burned.  I don't remember being rushed to the hospital, normally my family avoided the hospital whenever possible.

My grandfather Frank Paris Hunter probably  saved my life that morning.

He died not long after that. 

He and Minnie are buried at Mountain View Cemetery, in Marietta, Georgia.

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