Friday, June 28, 2013

My Get Well Blog Post

People get get-well cards all the time.  But it is not often a blog post is made in honor of a person ill, hoping he will get well soon.

My blogging/MAD/ EC-Comics/Spirit Comics/did I miss any?  buddy El Postino did just that  on his blog Paranoia Strikes Deep..  I would tell you of our friendship, how it was nourished about 20 years ago but he El Postino already did that in my get-well post:.  So, I might as well get some Blog mileage out of it too, right?:

Get well quick to my fellow Madman, Eddie

My friend, Eddie, is not feeling too well these days. He’s having some medical problems that we all hope can be taken care of soon. Ed and I met through the old Prodigy service, in 1992, when both we and computer technology were young. We introduced ourselves on a DOS-based bulletin board devoted to EC Comics and specifically Mad, of which we were both lifetime fans.

Eddie, like me, loves the inspired craziness of editor/writer Harvey Kurtzman and artist Will (then known as Bill) Elder.  The title of Eddie’s blog, Chicken Fat, comes from the old Mad comics.

Here’s one of my favorite Mad stories, a spoof called “Frank N. Stein!” I scanned it from a comic book called The Nostalgic Mad. From 1972 through 1980 the publishers of Mad magazines produced eight issues reprinting the best of the classic comic book Mad, which they bound into their issues of Mad Special. This is from issue #15, 1974.

I hope it’ll help Eddie on his road to recovery. Get well soon, Ed!

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