Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Forwarding is a NO NO!

As a rule I do not forward email stuff.  It is  common knowledge that  much of the emails that are designed to be forward gives you a dose of spy-wire and other kind of computer viruses.    I am doing you a favor when I do not forward you something, because this could harm your computer or the very least  slip in a spy virus to report all your habits and use it, maybe to try to sell you things the spyware found you are interested in or who knows what.

The more they say the forwarding email  will bring you good luck or avert bad luck there is a higher chance it has these viruses and spyware in it ready to spring when opened.   Some are even inspirational to get to your humanity side.  Your nice humanity side is spreading   viruses.  Do yourself a  favor and don't open them.

That is why I  never open them and delete them.

this is about the 3rd time I have preached against forwarded emails.  So far, my preaching hasn't sunk in to many people.

Which reminds me, before I self-imposed the rule of no forwarding mail allowed,  a cousin sent me a forwarding email several years ago listing the etiquette and confidentiality of forwarding email.  It was something she forwarded.  One of the things listed was to delete any other names and emails addresses that are listed in the forwarded before it is forward, no telling what someone could do with those addresses.  Evidently, she didn't read that part -  all the names she forwarded it to and all the names previously forwarded were listed also.



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