Monday, June 24, 2013

Ruth Athea Bruce Prance Nugent

Ruth about 1970

James Earl, Jr "Jamie" Prance and his mother Ruth, August 2010

Ruth Bruce Prance Nugent died Saturday at age 89.  Ruth was Anna's aunt,  Anna's father's brother's wife.  She worked at Riches at Cobb Center in the ladies finer coats and I hear she was a good saleslady.  People asked for her.

I think  the reason she was such a good sales person is because I don't think she was as interested in the product as she was you.  She was very much a person to person type of person.  When I first married into the family in 1967 I was very impressed on how kind and friendly she was.  And later, when our first born Rocky came alone Ruth welcome him with opened arms and had his grandparents bring him over to play at her house  several times.

The last time I saw her was at Lowe's about a year ago.  Her son Jamie was pushing her in a wheelchair.  I think she was in poor health then.  Of course the wheelchair was a giveaway, another reason is that Jamie did all the talking for them - Ruth was not the type to let anyone do all the talking.

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