Thursday, June 06, 2013

Doctor Tom Scott's Lecture About Ever Changing Marietta.

Doctor Thomas Scott gave a talk at the James T. Anderson House on the ever changing Cobb County.  It was a very good talk and a good slide power point type of slide presentation.  He showed facts and figures of our ever changing ways in Cobb County.

Whitlock Inn

Anderson House

Dr. Scott, right

Jane (a 2000 Census coworker).  I didn't know until  this evening that Jane is Dr. Scott's step mother-in-law

Dr Scott and Perk Lawrence

? & ; Phillip Goldstein

Johnny Sinclair (right)

A couple years ago we paid between $30 and $50 for this thick book and thought we were getting a good deal.  This evening the Cobb Landmarks was selling them for $10 each.  I wanted to kick out a window or something.

Old Landmark

New Landmark

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