Sunday, June 09, 2013


If you want to enjoy this MAD comicbook segment even more, click on the top image which is the cover for MAD issue #21 and read the tiny little ads.  And if you want to enjoy or be confused even more, read the letter page directly under the cover, you will have to click on it to make it large enough to read, as you will have to do the main feature, the POOPEYE story directly underneath.

Friday evening on facebook exchange Joe and I had a fury of word associations, starting with Betty Boop, because he took a picture of the new Betty Boop statue in Woodstock and posted it.  We reamed  out the Popeye characters pretty good, I thought we didn't miss any.  However, on my walk this morning it occurred to me that we overlooked Sweet Pea.   To wallow more in a trendy subject, back in the 50s, here is MAD's take on POPEYE.

Story by editor Harvey Kurtzman and art by Will Elder.


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