Thursday, June 06, 2013

D- Day was 69 Years Ago Today.

156.000 Allied Soldiers Invaded.  Of those, 1465 American boys died.

Yep, June 6, 1944, on my mother's 26th birthday the Allied Forces invaded the Beaches of Normandy, France.

I had two uncles  there that day.  One was John Stanley Hunter, one of  my father's younger brothers and the other William "Roy" /  "Bill" Petty, one of my my mother's younger brothers.  They both survived and both lived into their mid-late  70s..  They also each had two sons.

Not that we are looking for coincidences of the men who put their life on the line that day, but here is some anyway:  Each of my uncles there on D-Day was next oldest of the youngest son in the family, and in each case each younger brother was serving in the Navy.

But there, the similarities end.  Stanley was a religious man.  Roy was not sure about a supreme being.  Roy was a heavy drinker .  Stanley never touched alcohol to my knowledge.  Stanley didn't like to talk about D-Day.  Roy talked about it a lot.

PS - I almost forgot, another similarity:  They both have a nephew named Eddie Hunter and two nieces: named Frances and Bonnie Hunter.

Brothers Stanley and Dick Hunter

Brothers Roy and Leonard Petty



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