Monday, May 06, 2013

Skip Williamson, Bluto, Wildman, and Me

Eddie and Skip

In the l 1990s and early 2000s cartoonist Skip Williamson lived in Marietta.  Not exactly in Marietta, but with a Marietta address anyway.  He lived several miles west of downtown off Burnt Hickory Road. 

I am a fan and when I read he lived in Marietta I found out his email address and sent him a Welcome to Marietta email.  He responded back.   He invited me to visit him, which I did.    I became a regular.  When he bought the house, he bought it from a coworker of mine who painted cars part time.  The garage was modified to allow natural  or artificial light that looked natural for painting cars.  It was idea for an artist's studio.   The swimming pool didn't hurt either.

Many times I dropped by Skip's and I drink one of his beers and we sat around and talked.  I always felt guilty because it was his beer, but he didn't seem to mind.  He has a lovely Harriet who is a journalist and twin daughters.  He also got me free tickets for my son Adam and I as his assistant to the DRAGONCON one year.

Skip was//is an underground cartoonist.  He created the character SAMMY SMOOT.  One time when he lived in Chicago he was the art director for PLAYBOY.

I had then a friend  named Bluto.  At that time Bluto and I had never met in person.    We met on the Internet on with the common interest of MAD comics and Underground Comix.    Bluto lived in the  Las Angeles area..  By the way it is true what say about the three day rule of fish and house-guests.

In November 2001 Bluto flew to visit me for 9 days.  I think his primary purpose was to meet Skip Williamson.  Here are pictures of Bluto, Sklip, and I romping around one day.

Bluto and Skip

Dent "Wildman" Mayers and Skip

Wildman, Bluto, and Skip

Skip and Jon Benet Ramsey's Grave

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