Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finer Eating and Musical Joints in the French Quarters

This is a postcard we have of Brennan's French Restaurant in New Orleans.  We have been to New Orleans at least three times but don't remember eating at Brennan's.  It is out of our price range, but I'm sure the cost of the postcard was reasonable.

However, we have been to Pat O'Brian's that has a similar courtyard as Brennan's and  next door to Preservation Hall, which is great entertainment of the jazz musicians keeping the New Orleans' music tradition going.

Also, the last time we went, there was an ice cream shop across the street/alley  from Pat O'Brian's.  We treated the boys for ice cream.  That was within our budget.  In the ice cream shop the people scooping and serving the ice cream had paper hats and  appeared to be a happy crew.  In fact, they were so happy they made fun of me.   An all smiling positive looking guy that worked there was singing a popular rock song very good, something like Y - M- C - A!  And each that he would put accent or bounce to he would point at me and smile wildly.  Good God!  See what I have to put  up with for trying to save a few bucks?



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