Thursday, May 30, 2013

HUNTER REUNION in Union County, Sunday

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The above picture is of the caregiver of  Dora Hunter Spiva,  Franklin Hunter, Dora Hunter Spiva, and me.  In that picture Dora was 102 years old.  She didn't look it did she?  She died the following year.  Notice in the picture it looks like  Franklin Hunter is trying to figure me out.

These pictures were taken on the first Sunday of June 2008.  That was the last time I attended the Reunion of the Descendants of John Hunter near Blairsville, Georgia, at Track Rock Campgrounds.

I always said I think it is small world.  No matter where you go,  you will run into  someone closer to your than you might never even be aware of.   You just have to say the right  things to get the ball rolling.  Take the above man for instance.  I forgot his name, but he is a distant relative, we are both  descended from  John Hunter, or we wouldn't  have been there.  He had a Marine hat on which prompted me to ask was he in the Marines.  He said he was, and I said I was in the Navy.  He asked when and I told him.  He asked what ship I served on and I told him the funny little story where my first assignment the Navy sent me to a Naval Air Base, about fifteen miles inland to board the ship the USS J.K. TAUSSIG, and the personnel at the NAS Lakehurst , N.J. didn't know what to do with me.  He just looked at me, he didn't see the humor in it.   I told him then eventually I was assigned to a helicopter squadron at NAS Lakehurst.  Then I said, "But to answer your question I spent two weeks aboard the USS NEWPORT NEWS - we went down the coast , then across the Gulf, up the Mississippi and in New Orleans, met a British ship and reenacted The Battle of New Orleans."

He then told me he was also on the USS NEWPORT NEWS that same time.  He remembered our New Years Eve partying in Jacksonville, Florida, going up the Mississippi River and the reenactment.   Small world, I had a relative on the ship I didn't know about and  that day in 2008 I had a ex-shipmate looking a t me blankly that I didn't know existed.

This coming Sunday is again the  Reunion.   If you are a Descendant of John Hunter that died in Union County, Choestoe District, about 1848, they would love to see you.


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