Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Happy Mayday!    Some people think of Mayday as something to holler out when you are in great danger.  For instance, if you are in a burning plane falling to earth it is expected that you  shout "MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!"  Usually yelling it two to three times is proper etiquette..

Other people think of Mayday as a time to tie a ribbons to the top of a pole and dance around in, hopefully, everybody going the same direction.  If someone goes the other way, then everybody is likely to get tangled up in the ribbons and there will be angry cursing and all that. 

Other people celebrate Mayday as a National Workers' Day.  And then some people say you are a communist if you celebrate the workers.  Please!   Not everybody can't be a capitalist, somebody has to change the light bulbs and other manual tasks and be appreciated for it.


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