Thursday, May 02, 2013

Go long Tim Hunt

I think this is the only picture I have of Tim.
Varner Reunion 2011:  Tim Hunt, Time's wife Vickie Turner Hunt, and my cousin, Vickie Crain

Tim Hunt left us yesterday..  He left a lot of good friends that are having a hard time coping with his death.

 I didn't know very well.  I went to Marietta High School and Tim went to Sprayberry High School.   I do know he was sincere gentlemanly, dressed neatly, a good photographer, and was generous.

 A couple years ago he took a picture of the new Cobb County Courthouse  from Kennesaw Mountain and posted it on Face Book..  I liked it so well I asked him permission to use it for this blog.  He granted me permission without a moment's hesitation.  Then, I was a stranger to him, that was our first interaction.

Tim was 65.

New Cobb County Courthouse ca 2011-12 taken from Kennesaw Mountain by Tim Hunt



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