Sunday, May 19, 2013

Asheville Eatery - 12 Bones

Outside the Biltmore property we ate at three places.  The first two were not spectacular and even had some faults we could go into an angry rage talking about, which we won't.

However, on the last day we went to 12 Bones Smokehouse and were impressed..  Last year when we were in Asheville we took a tour bus to learn more about the city and its history.   In the Art District the driver/guide pointed out 12 Bones BBQ and said Obama has been there and went on to say if you want to go, go early because when they give out of meat every day they close.

The food was very good.  We both had pulled pork sandwiches with two sides.  Read the name of the sides and the sauces carefully, especially if you have a any thing against jalapeno peppers.

The place was unbelievable crowded for the approaching mid-afternoon, considering it was after lunch time and well before dinner.  Seat-wise it was crowded when we walked in and but we went straight to the counter and ordered and they had our plates to us instantly.  But, after we sat down a thrust of people came in and were in a line out the door in a matters of seconds after we started eating.  That happens to us a lot, like a crowd of people follows us and gets in line behind us.  Maybe I should take their pictures and compare the pictures to see if they are the same people that were behind us in restaurants in Cobb County or somewhere.

I couldn't help myself.  before we left I asked the apparent owner/manager/or the person in charge did Obama come there one time?  He lit up and said he did, in fact he came on two different trips to Asheville.  He took showed me a picture of he and his staff surrounding the President the First Lady, all smiling (last picture below).

Another thing I like is the hand written signs and quaint posters hanging all over the place.  No franchise restaurant would dare decorate with cluttered home made signs all over the place.

Below, The President and First Lady with the staff




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