Saturday, May 25, 2013

International Jazz Day and National Tap Dance Day

When I first saw that today is International Jazz Day my first thought was it would be a good excuse to play a Tuba Skinny video.  But wait, since when did I need an excuse to play Tuba Skinny videos?

There are some famous jazz musicians and some not so famous that I could pull out of the youtube hat.  When I think of jazz I think of a definition of Jazz I read once:  Improvisational Music. It means to improvise with what you got.  I think Harpo Marx, below, in the movie A DAY AT THE RACES and his fellow musicians do a great illustration of  improvised music.  And they threw in some tap dancing too, which  today is  also National Tap Dance Day.  You're on Harpo!

Also, it is National Missing Children day.

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