Sunday, May 19, 2013

Notes for May the 19th, 2013

I am OUTRAGED that it is raining outside!  I am FURIOUS the U.S. Weather Bureau allowed this to happen, which is under Obama's watch.

I am thinking about changing the name of my blog to either OUTRAGED or FURIOUS.   Maybe I can get more Republican viewers with a name they can relate to.  It must be hard on their blood pressure system to be furious and outraged at Obama's every move for the past four plus years.  Their poor blood vessels may pop.

I went to a local convenience store yesterday to buy a Sunday paper.  In the parking space next to where I parked I saw a bunch of big cigars on the pavement.   I counted them.  there were 8.  None of the 8 had been lit, but each on one end had been tasted, and maybe chewed some.  Was the guy  (I would think it was probably a male) going through nicotine withdrawal?  I think he could have sucked his thumb which might be stained  with just what he was craving.

Another interesting fact I heard on TV this morning.  On this morning's CBS  Sunday Morning News Show  they had a segment about paint and furniture designed to be relaxing.  A company did research and found that pink is very relaxing and studies have shown that even the most violent criminals relax and are pussy cats when kept in a pink walled cell.  An educational institution, I didn't catch the name, has painted the locker room of the visiting football opponents in pink.  Is that ethical?  Good sportsmanship?


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