Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is this Alley in Marietta?

Give up?

This is the little alley between Theater In The Square and Dupre's Antiques. The door at the end is one way to get to the theater.

It is like a little park now. What used to be a probably a little rat infested alley is now a little waiting area for yuppies to get a breath of fresh air during intermission and maybe grab a smoke.

I was thinking of Dupre's Antiques the other day. Dupre's years ago was sort of like a general store. They sold everything. We have bought TVs there, oven tops, and a lot more. One section was a grocery store. They sold a lot of what a farmer would need included seed and feed. I remember on the side of their building was a big Purina checkered advertisement.

In the back between the loading dock and the tracks was an idea place teenagers had fights at after going to the movies on Sundays.

Like I said, Dupre's is now an antique store as many other stores are in the downtown area. I was thinking supposing a man woke up from a forty year coma and decided to get his farming back being productive and went to Dupre's to buy some farming equipment and he finds a plowing shear and the long leather guild straps for a mule... and he pulls out his wallet to pay for it and the price is inconceivable high... because it is priced as an antique, not a working tool.

Time marches on.

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