Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jay Hunter (c1947 - 2009)

Above baby Jay with parents. Dick and Jeannette Quintal Hunter.

While at the pre-Varner Reunion get together yesterday I received a phone call. My first cousin Jay Hunter had died the day before, Sunday, March, 22, 2009. Jay’s real name was James Richard Hunter, Jr. I think Jay was probably short for Junior.

Jay was the oldest of twelve children. He was a building contractor and a semi-professional singer. He sung a Gordon Lightfoot – folksy style.

Once Anna and I were strolling in Underground Atlanta and came upon a lounge with folk music coming from inside. The poster on a tripod outside said something to the effect of featuring Jay Hunter. We went in and got a table and had a drink.. He recognized me and came over and told us about his latest adventures.

Years following that night we stumbled on him singing at Kennesaw College and a rib house.

I always enjoyed talking to Jay hearing what was new in his life. He has had few dull moments and I think he had a yearn to roam. Once one of his sisters told me the only time she knew where he was when she was looking at him.

To me Jay had a rare positive upbeat way about him, much like his father. We will miss him.

Unfortunately, his mother Jeannette had to endure two sons’ deaths. The next oldest son, Frank died in 2003

Below 2004:

Standing - Jay, on the right, talking to his brother Don, also standing

Jay sitting with his new bride Beverly and birthday boy Bus Hunter, our uncle.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

I have some cousins sort of like this. But have not kept up with them. Try to find out about them but do not get anywhere. Sorry about Jay's loss. Congratulate you on keeping up.

7:18 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I try, but I'm in a large family.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay was my closest friend of 31 years. He loved me, my husband and son and we in turn, loved his family and wife, Beverly. His humor and wit was unmatched, and he was the only man I knew, who didn't talk down to women. His death, is proof, that "The good die young".
We love you Jay,
Anne and Jim

8:34 AM  

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