Sunday, March 22, 2009


This comic illustrated tale was in HELP! Magazine #12, Sept 1961. Harvey Kurtzman was the editor and he probably wrote this story, which was his MO. The artist is Will Elder. Most of both men’s entire work history they worked together.

The star of this story is Goodman Beaver. Kurtzman and Elder produced several Goodman Beaver stories for HELP! Hugh Hefner, editor and publisher of PLAYBOY, suggested to them to transform Goodman Beaver into a sexy woman, rename her, keep the same type of misadventures and come back to work for PLAYBOY – which they did. Thus, Annie Fanny was born.

Notice Elder’s fine-tuned details… watch the native with the cone-shape outfit – watch the monkey checking out underneath the cone which has nothing to do with the story and other little bits of chicken fat* as well.

Click on any page to enlarge it to be able to read the balloons.

*Chicken fat was what Elder called the tiny little detailed side jokes most of the time unrelated to the story. To put your mind at ease, Will Elder didn’t steal “chicken fat” from me, I stole it from him!

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