Friday, March 13, 2009

Music In My Head

A day or two ago I couldn’t get “See Ya Later Alligator” out of mind. Now, I can’t get rid Gene Autry singing “Back In The Saddle Again” with a “Yippe de Ty-ooOOO” thrown in.

The reason for Gene to be in my mind strumming strings and slamming his guitar against the inside wall of my skull is yesterday we bought me a newer MP3 player and while learning it I copied a Gene Autry CD to my digital music collection, then transferred it to the MP3 player. I was pleased as punch that it worked..

Anna received an ipod for her retirement and sure made it look inviting. So, we both were in the market for an ipod for me. I already have a MP3 player, not too much smaller than a US Army issue water canteen*, that Rocky passed on to me when he upgraded, which I thoroughly enjoy – but what is better is best – right?

Also my portable CD player quit on me. (I’m building a case).

We were looking at the MP3 players at Wal-mart yesterday evening and the sales person sized me up to be tight-wad and pulled something from out from under the counter he said he thought I might like. It was marked down very cheap compared to the other MP3s and ipods…. But it all the features they did. We bought it.

On my daily walk and sometimes a run I like to listen to something bouncy. And if I am in the creating mood or decision making mode I like instrumental such as jazz or classical.

Anna’s ipod and my MP3 player do so much more than my previous player did…. You can load pictures, you can load a book to read, I think you can load a movie, and it looks like maybe the Creative Zen MP3 player, if you hook up to your computer to the program it will download you a recording everyday. Yesterday it something I think from the new age and today it was an Indian instrumental. … something that sounded like bongo drums.

Anna belong to an outfit that you can download songs for something like 99¢ - I am looking for something cheaper. I am not sure her ipod and my MP3 player are interchangeable – or speak the same computer lingo… ipod is an Apple product and my MP3 isn’t.

*I exaggerate.

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