Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Steel's Store and the Clay Homes

1987.  Jean Steel and her mother Ruby Steel at my parents 50th Anniversary.  Ruby's and her husband Pete Steel owned and operated Steel's Grocery next to the Clay Homes.  I could throw a rock from our apartment and shatter a window in their home in back of the store.  I came close to almost doing just that.  Actually I threw a hand full of gravel at the window  of Jean and Helen steel's playhouse behind the house behind the store and breaking it.
I remember getting into trouble for doing it.

Here is a picture of Ruby visiting us in our apartment  and I'm the dirty little kid beside her.  I look about 3 years old, that would make the picture about 1944.
I wonder why Ruby is visiting?  Probably to collect for a broken window.
Remember, the last Friday of February the Marietta Museum of History will continue their series of "Remember When..." and will have  a panel discussing he low rental projects of Marietta,  including the Clay Homes. 

Check with the Museum to make sure I have the date right.


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