Monday, December 11, 2017

An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness.   My late friend Sam Carsley, one time gave me a book gift titled something like "SIMPLE ACTS OF KINDESS".  It was all about kindness acts in the Civil War, enemies, mostly one on one situations.  I thought of this book yesterday:
 As I said our power went off at 6pm Friday.   Surrounded by snow it was very cold.  Sunday morning it was 25.  We were wrapped up in layers when we heard a bang on the door.  It was our neighbor Chris.    He is a young energetic bachelor.  He is also an electrician.   He said, "Do you want heat?"
I instantly replied, "Yes!"
He said, "I'll be right back!"
I went outside to see what was next.

Chris and his girlfriend emerged from his garage.  Chris was pulling a huge bomb looking thing on wheels and his girlfriend was pulling a generator, also on wheels. They were hooked together by a thick cable.  The bomb looking thing opening was blasting heat.  It heated up the house is less than 30 minutes.  They said they were just being neighborly and us elderly, we might sick easily.  They said they did or are going to do the elderly couple on the other side of them.  Bless them.


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