Sunday, December 17, 2017

Dogs Will Be Dogs

This morning while doing my physical therapy exercise and looking out the window the window I saw our fence, still flattened because of the snow storm and beyond that the neighbor's basement door's dog door.
It will take a while for the fence people to mend our fence back like it is suppose to be.  In the present time the dog next door has ventured over the squashed fence to our yard and has been playing with Willow.  Willow enjoys his visits.
As I exercised I remember when first meeting the new neighbor a few months ago I mentioned the basement's dog door, that I see his dog is using it.  He said the one that was there was too small, so they installed a bigger dog door.  Now, it looks like the big dog comes and go to the back door as it wants.
The big dog and I haven't met.  When he sees me at a distance he fiercely barks at me.
As I was doing my PT exercise in the den I thought of one time we considered getting Willow a dog door. 
What would happen if we now we had a dog door for Willow?  We might be sitting watching TV and suddenly the big dog slides in through the door and decides to take care of business concerning me being a nuisance to him.

I wish the fence man would hurry up! 



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