Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve Day Dinner Tradition

We are traditionists.   If we do something  the same annual date more than twice we have met the requirement for doing the tradition thing.
Black-eyed peas is a must on New Year's Day.   That may not be a tradition, that is a living requirement.
I remember for several years it was prime rib at George's Steak House on old Atlanta Road, aka West Atlanta Street on New Year's Eve.  We did that several years until we got a bad meal and the tradition ended.  Another time for several years it was another steak house every New Year's Eve and they went out of business and that changed that.
Our latest annual kick is Oyster Cafe on the 4-Lane north of Kennesaw.  We have been going there  on New Year's Eve Day several years.  We rolled back our celebrated New Year's Eve dinner earlier because there are too many drunks on the road that evening.  Statistically, one out of every four drivers is drunk .
The Oyster Cafe used to be Oyster King.  I don't think Oysters are even the most requested dish there.  It is their jumbo shrimp deep-fried in a batter they perfected. 
It is owned and operated by a Korean family.  When the name was Oyster King it was a little ex-Waffle House looking dump.  
Then it burned down.
After a few years it rose from its ashes and became the main establishment of a little shopping center just across the vacant lot from their old spot.

They usually have one Asian waitress and one red-neck waiter/waitress who sometimes can communicate with the customer better.


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