Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My Style of Boxing Day

In the United Kingdom, mostly, December the 26th, the day after Christmas, is Boxing Day. 

Boxing Day is the day people give those who served them in one form or another, an annual tip.  I have no idea why they call it Boxing Day.  Please don't tell me, my mind can only hold so much.

Our (Anna and I) form of Boxing Day is actually Boxing Days.  It takes a couple of days to get the annual tips to people we that have serviced us all year long, such as the paper delivery lady, Postal people, etc.

We have five or maybe six, people we like to show our appreciation annually by giving them a tip.

Here are the tips that will be handed out free:
1. Do not buy a 1950 Studebaker in bad shape.  It might be hard to find parts for.
2. Do not think you have to have every product Amazon offers.
3.  Do not chug-a-lug a bottle of hot sauce to impress your friends.
4. Be careful when starting small talk with strangers while in line or in a waiting room or something.  You  never know what is ricocheting around in their minds.

5.  If you want to mix well with humans well, make damn sure you know and have instant recall all the statistics of every sporting game, pro and college, and every statistic of every frigging player.



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