Thursday, December 21, 2017

At Pet Smart near Town Center today I told the cashier that about ten years ago we adopted a dog and came directly  to this store to buy her some food and toys. 
I went on to tell him she was in our shopping cart.  She did not know us at all.  She leaped out of the cart and started running.  As she got near the front motion sensitive doors they slid opened for her and she kept on running out into the busy parking lot.
I think most, if not all, of the store's employees dropped what they were doing and started chasing her outside. One employee that was not in the chase was a teenage girl sitting in her car  in the parking lot eating fast food chicken nuggets on her lunch break.
The dog, soon to be named Willow, ran to one end of the parking lot and turned around and was running back in the direction she came from.  By now she had figured out what was going on.  Soon-to-be-named Willow was running toward the girl in her car.  She got out of her car and held up a chicken nugget in her hand and the dog ran right to her.
The cashier wasn't quite sure how to respond.  He said, about the same thing I would have said:  "Will that be all?"

I love to have a captive audience when I tell of a high energy adventure.



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