Tuesday, December 26, 2017

God-Given Talent

I read in UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER , THE WORLD'S GONE CRAZY an article  about Tatiatan Kozhevnikova, a 42 year old housewife and fitness enthusiast from Novosibirsk, Russia of having  the record of having "the world' strongest vagina muscles".  Because of giving birth to 15 children she developed an exercise she calls her "intimate exercises"  She can "clamp" down with it and lift over 30 pounds.  Thinking of that talent she developed reminded the time I went to a strip show at a traveling carnival that was in a big vacant lot across from the street from the future home of the Big Chicken in the early 1960s.
The feature show that drew crowds of young men in was a woman who could strip down naked, dancing to music, of course, then stoop down on a cigar on the stage  without using her hands, if you know what I mean.   Then light  it, and make it puff clouds of cigar smoke.
That is a true God-given talent if I ever heard of one!

I don't remember if she could blow smoke rings or not.


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