Friday, December 15, 2017


I picked up our mail at the post office yesterday.  While walking to the car I was flipping through the envelopes and magazines to see what all we had.
A Christmas card from my fellow comicbook connoisseur Par stood out.  It stood out because in the place of a Christmas stamp or any kind of regular postage stamp was a postage stamp duplicating the cover of a MAD's paperback of years ago, INSIDE MAD.  (cover above).
I made a pedestrian U-turn on the sidewalk.  I heard of people ordering stamps with their favorite photograph of pets or children.  That must have been what Par did.  I was going back inside the post office and ask a window clerk how could I order stamps like this and was it too late for Christmas.
As I was walking into the building and flipping through our mail again, I saw that actually the INSIDE MAD picture was the return address on the TOP LEFT side and on the TOP RIGHT side was a Christmas stamp.
I U-Turned again.  Never mind.

What me a dyslexic? 


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