Sunday, October 25, 2015

You and You

Years ago when I ran a lot I got to know a lady that lived near Addison School.  Back then she had a little easy going elderly brown dog.  For a bunch of years when I was running and I see them walking I would stop and pet her dog and walk with them a block or two and we talked about what they were building here and there near the school.

Her husband is a building inspector.

I don't think I have seen her and her dog for over two or three years until today while riding my bike.

I rode up by Addison School.  Out by the let off and pickup part of the parking lot  is a little pond.  It is an ongoing  science project, I suppose, with little signs identifying different plants and flowers.

Anytime I ride my bike by the school on weekends I ride by the pond and stop.  Most the time as soon as I stopped  I would hear a "KA-PLUNK!"  of a frog diving into the pond.
Today as I rounded the corner and pond was in view I saw a woman bent over a flower cutting it's stem with scissors that she probably brought for that reason.

I didn't know it was my old friend, yet.

I braked right behind her and said, "I caught you!"

She raised up and it was my fiend, she said, "YOU!"

I said, "YOU!"

Then her old dog's replacement jumped out of nowhere barking fiercely at me.  It was a little gray Schnauzer. 

She told me I lost some weight.

I have?

We talked for a moment and I peddled off.  I thought we have known each other probably 35 or 30 years and we only know each other as YOU. 


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