Thursday, October 15, 2015

a Creative History Tour

When we visit a historical city we are there because it is a historical city.  Events that changed history happened and we want to see and hear the facts from someone who has knows.
That is where a tour guide comes in.  A learned tour guide.
We have soaked up knowledge at various forts, old cities such as New Orleans, Savannah, Jekyll Island,  Charleston, Asheville, Philadelphia, Jamestown, Williamsburg,  Charlottesville,  and more.  The tour guides pointed out buildings and houses that famous people lived in, streets where famous duels were fought.

We walked away from each tour feeling we had just gained a little bit more knowledge about history.

What if we were conned?    And we just heard a story of a creative tour guide that made it up as he went?   I would feel  we didn't get what we paid for.  We were duped!

The historical city of Savannah had been issuing tour guide licenses .  The potential guides have to prove they knew the history of Savannah and its landmarks.

But maybe not anymore.

Some potential tour guides sued the city saying it was interfering with their Freedom of Speech.

It looks like they won.

Now, they don't have to be accurate in pointing things of interest out.  Now, it can be all BULLSHIT!

Would you want to be on a facts not mandatory   history tour?

What if a college professor who taught brain surgery decided to use his free speech decided to exercise his free speech and put on a little show instead of teaching?

"Bye, real history tours!"



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