Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who was the Founder of Huntersville?

Both of our sons were in Asheville, North Carolina, Sunday.  Adam the youngest,  and his friend Savvy left Asheville.  Rocky, the oldest, and his wife and son Sabrina and Benjamin arrived.  It was almost like they were a tag team or a relay team.

I told my friend Thelma about both of them there and she joked about naming the town "Huntersville".
I knew there is a Huntersville, North Carolina.  I decided to Google Huntersville, North Carolina, and learn a little more about it.

Huntersville is about 12 miles of downtown Charlotte and is a suburb of Charlotte.  On the 2010 Census the population was 46,773, which makes it the 19th largest municipality in North Caolina.

Huntersviile was named after either Rev. Humphrey Hunter, a local Revolutionary War Hero or Robert B. Hunter, a local cotton farmer.  Historian scholars disagree on which one.

I think the scholars should take their scholarly debate out to the parking lot, roll up their sleeves and settle their  argument  the old fashion way.


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