Friday, October 16, 2015

Door Closing Responsibility

Today I found myself with a new but temporarily  responsibility .  Today is a windy day.   At Anna's physical therapy clinic I parked directly in front of the door.   After sitting in the car for a short time a lady walked up and went inside.  I suppose she expected the door to close itself like it normally does, so she just let to of it as soon as she got inside.  The wind opened it back up.  I thought if the wind blows strong enough it might spring the whatchcallit on the door.  I got out of my car and pushed the door flush with the door frame.
I just got back reading my book and the same thing happened.  A lady opened the door and walked away thinking it would shut it on its own and the strong wind pushed it open wider.   I jumped in again and saved it.
Then  it happened with another lady  that I expected would know better.   Maybe she did, but also in her infinite wisdom she knew somebody would be dumb enough to assign himself door closing  duty.



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