Thursday, October 22, 2015

Move Over Arlo!

On the local TV news today I saw what the citizens of John's Creek, Georgia,  must have considered the trial of the century.

The defendant was accused of blowing leaves excessively.    
More than one neighbor came forward testified to the horrors they had to live through:  A constant loud noise of an electric leaf blower humming away.  One neighbor complained that she couldn't even hear her kids outside playing.

The defendant's defense in so many words, "I like a neat yard."

The TV cameras were in the court room.  The judge  lawyers, reporters, and witnesses were also there.  The judge listened seriously as both side presented their arguments. 

The man was  fined $250.00.

This may be even as  serious or more serious  as the trial when Arlo Guthrie got caught dumping Alice's Restaurant's garbage out into a gully.


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