Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mickey Griffin

This a picture of Mickey Griffin that I took at a Varner Reunion a few years ago.  He is an childhood friend.  The reason I am reflecting on Mickey today is that I ran into him at Kroger's yesterday.  He was standing outside talking to a friend.

We didn't shake hands - before I warned him about my bad cold.  I asked him did his family still have anything to do with the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Atlanta.  He said no, that was mostly his late father.

I remembered his older sister and her name.  She is living in East Marietta he said.  She was several years older than us and had her driver's license.  One time, late at night she took us to the Dairy Queen on Roswell Street and Park Street.
Mickey was neighbors with Larry Holcomb, Van Calloway, Eddie Gocha, and last but not least  Jimmy Pat Presley.  Jimmy Pat had a bad influence on us all.  He was daring and it rubbed off on us.

Mickey used to come to my Atlanta Journal paper route dump off place at the corner of Manget and Frasier Streets and help me fold the papers and sometimes walk around with me and Skipper (my dog) as I delivered the papers.  We talked about universal topics, such as girls and more girls.
Mickey with his family lived on Alexander Circle, at the corner of Phillips Drive.  They either lived next door to Billy and Rita Delk or the Griffins moved and the Delks moved into their house.

It is always a pleasure when I run into him.



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