Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don's Military Trophy

There is a fairly new restaurant in Woodstock named Semper Fi.    As you may have guessed the restaurant  has an accent on the Marines.    Well, really it is a restaurant in appreciation of all armed service personnel and first responders present and previously. 

They have good hamburgers and good grilled cheese sandwiches (that has  candied fried bacon).

Their walls are decorated military stuff (mostly Marines) that patrons have brought in, such as pictures, company flags and banners, and so on.  I talked to one of the co-owners several times.  I told him I was in the Navy.  He thanked me for serving and asked if I had anything I could donate to put on their walls.

I thought and thought, and I just don't.  None of my pictures I took in the Navy has a military point of view.
However, I did think of the  above picture.  It is of my friend Don Lash taken  on the back second level of outside stairs of the HU-4 Barracks.  He is posing, showing off his black-eye received the night before at the EM Club.
We were snowed in.  The roads were closed and there was nothing to do but go to the EM Club and drink.  At the EM Club people were getting cabin fever. 

A drunk Marine punched Don in the face.

I think it had something  to do with he and Don had a disagreement about the music being played on the jukebox.

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