Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plains, Ga. 1976

On November 19, 1976, Anna and I went to Jimmy Carter's home town of Plains, Georgia.  Jimmy had just be elected president and that was a good excuse to try out my new 35mm Minolta Camera I had bought  recently.
Of course we had wanted to capture the outside of the president-elect's home and maybe the president-elect himself, but that didn't happen.
But we did get  his mother Lillian Carter and his brother Billy Carter images captured on film, which made the trip worthwhile.

Since then I have had at least two, maybe more blog posts about the pictures.

Now, the cat is out of the bag or the beans have been spilled:   Some of my Plains pictures taken in 1976 will be in a Arcadia book about Plains.    Up until now I was keeping my mouth shut because I didn't know how committed it was, but apparently it is.

Bob Buccellato is putting the book together for Arcadia Press.  Bob contacted me for permission to use the pictures
, so here we are patting our foot waiting to see our stuff published.

Here are a few of the pictures that will probably be in the book (if I was doing the selecting).

Mrs. Lillian Carter is the white-hired lady, Billy Carter is wearing a red jacket, and his service station speakd for itself.


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