Thursday, May 28, 2015

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain Personally Changed this Family's Destin

In about two to three weeks will be another anniversary of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.  It will be 151 years this year.  My great grandfather William Hunter's  life changed that week and   his   200 to 300 descendants'  hometowns was destined to be Marietta and Woodstock.  If he was not shot in the knee during the battle we might  all be Texans now. 

Let me explain my reasoning:
Our Hunter ancestor that first came to this area was William A. Hunter. was first in the area when was in the CSA,  fighting on Kennesaw Mountain and got shot in the knee.
He recuperated in a private home near Woodstock.  He was there long enough to make friends with his caretakers' neighbors.
After the war he returned home to Macon County, North Carolina.  There, his uncle Van Trammell  got into a heated argument about the Civil War and he killed the person.  William was a witness saying Van could not have killed him because he was him all day.  Proof was provided against his statement and Van was wanted for murder and  William was wanted as an accessory to murder.
First they fled to Arkansas to Van's brother's home and  William went on to Texas.  He brought his family.  He had a hard time providing for his family and returned to Woodstock, Georgia, to look up  friends he had made when he was recuperating.  They helped him get emplopyed.

If William had made a go of it in Texas.....Yippee Ki Yay, Y'all!

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