Monday, May 11, 2015

Some of History of Pete Shaw Road

One day last week  Willow and I went to the dog park and we were the only ones there.  In a short time a young couple with a Husky puppy came.   It was their first time there.
We talked about our dogs and someplace in our chat they said they lived off Pete Shaw Road.  They were relatively new in the area.

I don't know why but I felt compelled to give them a brief history of Pete Shaw Road.  Of course, it was named after a man named Pete Shaw, my friend Sam used to go over on Pete's land, with permission, and target shoot.

Later with subdivisions and  the new nearby Lassiter High School target shooting was no more.

Pete Shaw Road runs down a hill and then up a hill and runs into Sandy Plains Road.  At the foot of the hill is a creek.  

One time a man was walking his dog on Pete Shaw Road and as he crossed the bridge over the creek he saw a lady's body in the water.  She was murdered.  The lady was related to a co-worker of mine at the Marietta Post Office.  I forgot the details of who was the arrested for the murder, it might have been an ex-husband.

Also near the bottom, near the creek was a road  coming in named Tower Road.  The numbers on Tower Road were in the 4000 range.  There is another Tower Road next to the hospital with numbers in the 3 digit range.  Once someone called 911 for medical help at an assisted living on the Tower Road near the hospital.  I don't know if it was the 911 operator or the emergency medics, but they went to the Tower Road behind  Lassiter High school. 

The error cost someone their life.

They changed the name of the Tower Road near Pete Shaw Road to Indian Trail and did not change the numbers.

The young couple were polite and looked interested.



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