Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What a Difference a Decade Makes..

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1910 Census

What a difference a decade makes.  If you are a Prance relative you might find this interesting.  First is the 1910 Census.  The top family is the J.O. Prance family.  It show J. O. age 29, his wife Lessie (Wright) age 18, and their child Henry P(aul), age 1/2.

1930 Census

Twenty years later on the 1930 Census, middle page, the J.O Prance family has grown.  Paul (Henry P.) is not 20, and he has a  three brothers  Clifford (15), Hubert (13), and Earl (10) and one sister Mary(5).

1940 Census

Ten years later, on the 1840 Census,  just lower than the center we find Henry P(aul),  age 29, as head of the household.  Also listed is his first wife Alzia (26), and their three sons James P. (9), Tommie D. (4), and Julian R. (2).



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