Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nice Doing Business With You

Today I walked into the store we bought our refrigerator several years ago to buy a new water filter for it.  Several salesmen were standing around talking.  It didn't take long to see that I was the only customer on the big showroom floor.
I picked out the water filter I needed from a display rack.  I read in the manual I need to change it every 6 months.  On second thought, I decided to buy two filters, the last two they had of that type.

One of the salesman posted nearby wanted to know if he could help me.  I told him I wanted to buy "these two water filters".

"I see" he said thoughtfully.  He continued , "Did the red light come on or the water started tasting strange."

"No, the manual said I needed to change it every 6 months."

"You could probably have got another month of use out of it."

I thought we probably could have, there are only two of us living in the house now.

I said, "Well, actually I am a week past six months." I lied - actually I was only 1 day over six months.   I thought that might make him happy.

He said, "And you are buying two?"

"Yes, a year's supply.  I saw these are the last two left, so I grabbed them."

"We get new shipments in every week, between those we might run out of something, but have it back in stock within a week."

I didn't have much to say to that, I suppose I could have said, "Really?"
He led me over the cashier who rang up the sell. 
The person that I think was the manager oversaw the whole transaction. 

As I grabbed my plastic bag the  maybe-manager shook my hand and told me it was nice doing business with me.

The short little cashier came around the counter and shook my hand too.  I wondered if we were going to all hug?  The salesman that oversaw my picking out the filter waved at a distance.

I left.

I don't think they get many customers.


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