Friday, May 01, 2015

Mystic, Divine, or Coincidental?

Mystic, Divine, or Coincidental?

Today the funeral home brought over a lot of flowers from Marie's funeral yesterday. Also they had the paperwork and a DVD of the pictures I supplied but with music.

We decided to make several copies of the DVD for relatives we thought would be interested.
We made the first one and we got the hang of it. Then I put what I thought was another blank disk and the name MEEK came up. Anna is related to the Meeks. We looked at the DVDS and apparently Stan Meek had his parents' old 8mm movies made onto a disk and gave us a copy and I put it away and forgot about it.
Stan's mother Eloise and Marie are sisters. We got to see Marie and Anna's father Paul moving around walking, laughing, and other live things, much younger than the last time we had seen either of them. It was a surprise and emotional to watch, the day after we buried Marie.

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